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Synchronized Seasoning

by Pete Peterson

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TheEliteExtremophile This album is full of chunky sludge riffs, unorthodox melodies, and some truly impressive instrumental flashiness. It manages to maintain a surprisingly fun, groovy feel for most of its length.

Full review here: theeliteextremophile.com/2021/08/02/odds-ends-august-2-2021/
Loud Tristero
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Loud Tristero New Pete Peterson! Bringing an eclectic mix of riffs, sludge, grunge... slundge... Get it now before he creeps up on you! Favorite track: Rockwell C.
Rory Howington
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Rory Howington No one makes music like Pete. Delightful off the wall mayhem blended earnestly with melodies you can't help but sing along with. We've waited a while for some of these and they were worth the wait. Shout out to Travis Orbin for smashing the drums again! Favorite track: Rockwell C.
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Climbed atop the tiny hill Sitting in the shadow of the mountain Now groaning slowly dying Halfway made of stone That’s the key Had one chance to set the boundary Became the ghost Appeared on toast L-O-S Tea helps climb those steep walls And when you hit them beans You’ll grind them all [Get the fuck out now] Oh the roads and wondering how far they go So sorry but I’m not home now Livin’ in a groove in a grove Since I dove Along the sea Salt in synchronicity Pendulum swingin’ out and seekin’ a healthy fruitin’ tree I lost a peel My orangery Re-seasoned to my taste [Just an egg Get to the hatch Gotta make me up another batch] Ants swarm on my base [Get the fuck out now] Lost Box of cracker jacks of all trades Am I wasting thyme now To stay Less than al dente Rot, when you tell me Look you just got to stay Neglecting produce expired on display Bad one in a bunch No lunch! No whey! That plants the seed for the translational frame Thought it was ready to serve Still way down there on that curve Facing in dread the new step Turns out the god damned bacon bread was only the fucking prep! I done had to translate my ass Just had to get me mise en place It done sucked choking on chocolate rain No marrow left in the bone Just face it I was never even home
Eigenvalue 05:14
Down in hell Did this to your own self Missed the call And fucking wasted it all Got no friends, no wealth Sold soul Couldn’t accept your role Bound to die Trapped on no one’s side Wanna be best but who you tryin’ to impress And if you only fear this You’ll not be peerless Follow your Dreams killed quickly as they’re born Wait, no Glorious life postponed I see What you fucking did there I played Comfort is a lie to you we’ll say Things are getting better every day Can’t lose if you don’t play Shame No other fucked up What will people think? Dilettante What you get ain’t gonna be what you want Sit back and pass on every opportunity No golden chance for me Things just ain’t right right now I’ve got to let ‘em go No golden chance I know I see You’ll bleed Steepening climb Destined to fall Median after all This zero sum is not a game I’m played Normal pain Emotion comes too late Nails, on chalkboard It’s a keyword That G-word No applause Thus, no cause Shrinking eigenvalue now Never tested Now I can’t grow Not in those who know Waiting for it Entitled to instant success Fuck this fucking shit I sit and watch as an old man that I’ve become My paths reduced to none It’s all been a waste I sat alone and slighted opportunity This golden chance for me It never was there I should have seen the cliff this path was leadin’ to This golden chance I blew Owwwwwwww No other fucked up What will people say? Impostor
Cliff Walker 05:10
Walk into this dirty cave [Hey there pal how are ya] No idea how to behave Hey ‘bout that moon Me confused Let us relate ‘Bout our post-cretaceous state Smilodon caught my tongue Rubble rabble rumbles You ain’t gonna make no young Ooo slightly blue Haven’t been chased by a lion for a day or two Sip on something new This fluid makes ya super cool it’s true No son If you can’t decode how to be fun You’ll be no one We survived ‘til Friday night It’s the end of the week [the weak?] Spent the whole thing cold and rolling stones Doin’ caveman things Bouncin’ ‘round some burnin’ thing To get along Periodically That matchin’ motion Sticks on skin and magic potion Like tomorrow won’t be With the weight of the world Coming down We’re growin’ up Absolutely freaked Complete expressive bits It’s not so tough Acting out our biggest fear Up there on stage Syncin’ up our feels Disguised and slime They sell the sighs Say sign here take over the world It’s destiny Let’s get real Snakes old take hold Make all fake gold Whiner… Schweinefleisch Get down Get down Don’t be so damn strange yeah Just dance You’ve been enhanced Don’t need no plan It’s in the can Gotta show your symmetry Walk and talk like you are the man See a shakin’ ass What to do? Y’all came prepared You just scared Make that mistake say you’re kiddin’ though Snazzy dudes, snazzy dudes Snazzy dudes live in a can Snazzy dudes live in a can now fuck yeah Fantasy in prehistory Just hang a while and you will see It’s me Stuck awkwardly Full three STDs from the mean No moves Ain’t smooth Make sounds How ‘bout a groove Got to prove That I got a role That I got a soul Check it Check it Check Hey Check it out now All on their feet Hypnotized by the beat It’s the sounds Cast the spell And you’d think that it’s cheatin’ Wow an excuse Not to train this caboose These emos Sewn to ears Signal takes on Some strange control There’s plenty deep enough to find Stop your whining damn fool It’s out there Think you’re too cool Waking dead on Sunday morn It’s wasted time again Have to admit that for the slick tricks I ain’t fit I cannot pretend Got into a funked up place out there alone Total should been tea When art and stuff ain’t quite enough Desperation becomes decoration [shunned] by the tribe but it’s fine That’s the deal Invent the wheel
Please stand Heavenly father, creator and confirmer of all the facts Deliver us from the scrolls of false witness [And sloppy guitar solos] And grant us unity Honestly it wouldn’t be such a problem If the other guys weren’t so god damned brainwashed It’s like all they do is argue their emotions Perhaps you can just smite them Better yet give us permission and we’ll take care of it O holy mighty one, grant us your infinite mercy We ask this in fights our lord Amen Let us pray That everyone Not like us will die You see we’ve solved The Mysterious Things [The Mysterious Things is a registered trademark of PPM incorporated] [all rights reserved] We’re better on this side Veracity Fenced off locally We must take steps To save our souls From an inflating size of we Got no uncertainty They are the enemy We’re to save our world Hold tight don’t let it slip Breed loyally Pardoned of the sin We must preserve Our pure neighborhood This evil’s leaking in Got no uncertainty They are the enemy We’re to save our world Hold tight don’t let it slip With this identity Bundle up all beliefs Weakness hides in shades No strength from being gray Please be seated [Take your seat you little shit] O almighty and never present lord of common sense You gave us wisdom so only we can see the truth There’s no need for a world beyond the fence Mmm you’re down in Hell bitch Bet you wish you weren’t such a six-fold symmetric feathery ice crystal Down here Heh Don’t need to be right As long as we stand Tall, strong, sure They will lose the fight Know why yous got sent down to Hell Think about it Your lack of participation In our family of validation No dedication No loyalty to your nation Took millions of years To figure out how to identify and exclude harmful individuals from groups You think we could just ditch this evolutionary baggage It’s not baggage It’s luggage [I loved thee] Callout [As long as you continued to reflect me] No need to be right As long as we stand Tall, strong, pure They deserve their plight [Down in hell again] [Burn baby burn] [Speak about the evil when we see them] Fallout [Peace] [You know we can win gimme money] There is no right Just messaging Good! Praised be mighty individualists Dominating all Must be brave Pronounce our holy days Our kind shall never fall [We’re the only ones left with balls] From this little bubble We can’t see the rubble One small price to pay Still no uncertainty Still need an enemy We’re to save our world Hold tight don’t let it slip With this identity Bundle up all beliefs Weakness hides in shades No strength from being gray If with them you’re running Your shit isn’t funny Show the team you’re made Of virtuous DNA We the better species They can rest in pieces See the truth the way Just us will be okay
Singleton 04:17
If only I could get this stupid song done Finally, would be happy Uh Function with its own rate of change Yeah! Or complex imaginary I’ve slid down That slippery slope be-four Five-got to kiss I will not fail until I fail the next time And it’s coming back to This cliché ‘bout quantity of fish in the sea Got me No arm floaties Ow hey That old rod bent off awkwardly But! It’s baited masterfully And the memories assaulting sleep And dreams The cringe in heaps Stacked on my Zs They’re terrifying me Eternally I always thought that I would miss you But now it’s in a different way Count down the times I would not try To fall on my face And now it’s coming back to you I see you like your fucking punk songs I’d sit and play them all day long Then lay all night On a pull-out couch Sad like a miniature ice cube tray I’d say anything to make you feel No use ‘round pretty girls Now I’m down on my knees Like a nut that fell from a tree A fallen seed No most won’t succeed Bumblin’ all the way Left that sheltered path where some say Let’s get married [Whoa hold on now baby] [You want to know my password?] [I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment] [Perhaps I can interest you in a guitar solo instead] [Oh yeah, just wait until you hear this next part] Obsession’s got you hamstrung Treadmill hedonic Forget the ‘s’ that’s in the front Oh I’m creepin’ up on ya I’m creepin’ I see you like your fucking prog songs I’d sit and play them all night long Then lay all day next to Lentil Soup One evil dragon that I can’t slay My curse of nothing good to say I simply shouldn’t care Be a part of the weird Undeclare any air of self Awareness it ain’t fair This Pinkerton pop pulled pork parade Struggling all the way It must be your last time in love So get married
Continuum No trace where it started from All in one Seeks to be discrete though We’re all caught in the flow Dread to be a domestique Fall down the cascade Hierarchically afraid Streamlines Don’t mind Try to control One’s role Can’t see heaven with perfect soul Spokes pull different ways but still the wheel rolls Cries stowed Whispering inside a tornado Blown to pieces by the wind Dissipated all within I’m waiting for rain To escape Entrain me Continuum Didn’t even talk to ‘em Seem to walk randomly The patterns could they be math Not a free path Feel bad for acting kind of mean Up down left right over the background show Perturbations grow Disparate rarefied But yeah we’re bound to move together To glean clues From obscene views To infinitely shear We can’t all steer Row row… row Die slow Whispering inside some things to know Blown to pieces by the wind Dissipated all within I’m fucking on TV Fucking those who fucked with me Should be lifting like a wing Not dragging hating everything I’m waiting for rain To escape Entrain me OWWWWWWW OOOOHHHH HEEEEAVE HOOOOOOO Sum villains and heroes Balance momentum so below Tides grow Whispering to those above chapeau Lay low Feel the pressure say which way to go
Rockwell C 04:39
Ow, got put under extreme heat Evaporating tears of defeat Could not get up so got down Sounds Melt the crown Who's the clown now? Suffered in rain and high tailed it out of town Sure hurts to be burned But gently quenched and tempered Incidentally centered Time must not misspend it Gotta go hard if you wanna be hard Some day this life is going to end No, it's not a fucking game now Nothing to a name Can't stop the train It's rockin' well and rolls good Sparse neighborhood Think you misunderstood Put in a place to do damage as it should Basically slime Mold a mountain from molecule Time to scarify Permanence lie I say don't need to be hard if you wanna go hard Stop taking oneself Seriously C Devastated daily Need to be free You're free now Rockwell Rockwell Round and round It coils and then it rebounds In time Reacts to everything Cut the line And wait to hear feedback from the grave Think of the kind of road You would like to pave C Motivated rightly Disregarding signals Fixed on setpoint yeah All scrap anyway Over thinking You're all scrap anyway Could be one hard son of a bitch Now all scrap anyway Yeah yeah All scrap anyway Could be one hard son of a bitch Now all scrap anyway Over thinking You're all scrap anyway Could be one hard son of a bitch Now all scrap anyway yeah [Fuck this shit up] You'll be lonely On the Rockwell C
Destination Oscillation Stuck spinning on the wheels When did this get real Formation Impersonation Kept circling the field Now slow travel revealed Kept falling back each step when up again Time is not some medicine Felt like the same roads It was a cycle there Obscures and hides slow trends Recurring strife mechanical ends Heal Alternating hardened and annealed Undulations Constellations Stuck spinning in the sky One day they will die Rotation Congratulation Not moving quite the same Translate to a new frame Fooled to think this song's parts repeat endlessly Nothing has eternity Felt like the same roads It was a cycle there Obscures and hides slow trends Recurring strife mechanical ends Doom Easily forgotten in an afternoon Soon Another to be left unnoticed waiting in a giant room Waiting in a giant room Bounce along a kind of chaotic path Highs and lows damp out as we grow old We count all the days we passed the star Making believe we'll have another turn So many chances left to learn Bob up and down now Joe side to side Destined to likely be Another unknown cyclic escapee


It was a cycle, there.

See petepetersonmusic.com/music/synchronized-seasoning/ for more information, gear, lyrics, etc.


released June 3, 2021

Drums by Travis Orbin.
Pig squeals on "Rockwell C" by Aubrey Bachant.
Other stuff by Pete.


all rights reserved



Pete Peterson

Hi, my name is Pete and I make songs from time to time.

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